Empowering You to Make Better Lending Decisions

Empowering You to Make Better Lending Decisions

At Corcoran Smith, we’re committed to ensuring we negotiate the best solution for our clients’ mortgage needs. By truly understanding our clients’ situations and aspirations we will find and compare the best rates to fit their needs.

Our Lending Advice & Services

Mortgage Broker & Lending Services

At Corcoran Smith Financial, our expertise doesn’t just end at purchasing a home. As highly experienced mortgage brokers, we go above and beyond to help with all your mortgage lending needs. We'll have you covered, from first home buyer's advice to negotiating the best-fixed rate mortgage reviews for you.

Mortgage Broker & Lending Services
Queenstown First Home Buyers

First Home Buyers

Buying your first home is an exciting step for New Zealanders. We understand that the process of buying a house can be incredibly overwhelming without prior experience in the housing market.

There’s no need to go at it alone. Our expert mortgage advisers are here to help you along the way and find the best-fit offer for your situation. You can worry less about the process and focus more on jumping onto the property ladder sooner.

Investment Property Advice & Lending

Investing in property is an appealing option for many, yet the property market’s ever-changing financial landscape makes it essential to receive the best advice possible. With extensive knowledge in New Zealand property investment, our advisers can help with your investment ambitions, from second loans to more complex arrangements.

The property market’s ever-changing financial landscape makes it essential to receive the best advice possible. With extensive knowledge in New Zealand property investment, our advisers can help with your investment ambitions, from second loans to more complex arrangements.

Investment Property Advice & Lending
Construction Loans

Construction Loans

The key to a successful house building experience is a financial partner that can ensure the process is as stress-free as possible. At Corcoran Smith, our experts can help take the stress out of the process so you can focus on the important things.

New construction lending can be different to your typical home loan. If you need guidance, we recommend getting in touch with our specialist construction lending advisers. Our experience ensures you can prepare for the unexpected, and our personal connection to financial institutions will ensure you gain competitive rates.

Lending Top-Ups & Unsecured Personal Loans

Top-ups are becoming popular for current homeowners, as people want to take advantage of home loan interest rates compared to traditional personal finance options.Whether you are consolidating debt, doing home renovations, or planning for a family holiday, these types of loans could give you the extra funds you need to achieve it.

Before making any significant decisions, speak to our licensed financial adviser today. We can help you determine if a top-up to your loan or an unsecured personal loan is the right choice for you.

Lending Top-Up’s
Refinancing Your Loan

Refinancing Your Loan

At times, it is necessary to refinance and change lenders. Whether due to the services provided or just getting a better deal. With Corcoran Smith, we’ll make it a quick and straightforward process. We’ll help you switch to the best lender and offer to suit your individual needs.

Refinancing a mortgage or loan can be complex, and making the right decision can take a good amount of time and research. Understanding why you want to refinance is just as important as understanding how to refinance, which is where we come in. Contact us today and let’s discuss your options.

Fixed Rate Loan Reviews

If your fixed rates are expiring soon, it might be time to investigate who has the nest best rates in the market. It takes strong negotiation skills and time to obtain the best deal on your fixed rates, and not everyone has both at their disposal.

Let Corcoran Smith take care of the hard work for you. As expert negotiators, we have the skills to review your loan rates and find the best deal possible to suit your situation. Adjusting your loan could save you thousands in interest. But it’s not only about getting a better deal, it’s about structuring your loan the right way too.

Fixed Rate Loan Reviews
Refinancing Your Loan

Business Lending

For our business clients we offer business lending solutions that helps you achieve your business goals. Our advisors can help you with the purchase of existing businesses or commercial property.

We help businesses invest in their next big opportunity or simply get the support they need through lending for capital works and expenditure in the form of term loans or overdrafts. We understand that cash is king to keep businesses running and can help you find the best offers.

Customer testimonials

See for yourself why our customers love what we do.

"I would like to thank and recommend Torrone for his miraculous work in supporting me throughout the time it took to finally accomplish my goal. Rating 5 would still be only scratching the service and rapport building he has engaged in on my behalf. Many thanks and blessings to you Torrone for this."

M Horo-Kiriwera

"I have worked with both Torrone (Mortgage) and Sam (Insurance) on multiple occasions and have been very impressed with their services. They are efficient, good communicators and are very personable to work with. I couldn't recommend them highly enough. I look forward to watching their business prosper into the future. Regards, Hadley van Schaik."

H van Schaik

"I would highly recommend Torrone, goes the extra mile to advise you of options available that no other broker has done for us before. Kept in touch to make sure all third parties had made contact etc. Great Service!!! Thanks Torrone"

J Black

"A great team to deal with. They have everything covered. Helpful, honest, fantastic communication and they get things done. Highly recommend talking to Torrone or Sam, experts in their fields."

K Findley

"I highly recommend Sam. He’s super honest, answered all our questions really quickly and got us exactly what we needed! Thanks, Sam."

R Wolfin-Brash

"Torrone made getting a mortgage easy and Sam did great on our insurance. I would recommend Corcoran Smith to everyone, we are very grateful to both Torrone and Sam."

J & D Hamlin

"Good knowledgeable man, easy to talk with and not one of those forceful insurance agents, really helped us, so thanks Sam."

G Cleland

"Would highly recommend Torrone! From the very first meeting his communication skills were above and beyond and his vast knowledge of finance shows!"

P Goodwin

"Torrone was amazing to deal with - great communication and knowledge. The whole experience was easy and stress-free. I highly recommend Corcoran Smith."

A Horne

"I would definitely recommend Torrone and Sam for Financial and Insurance brokering, both of them went above and beyond with their help and service."

H Norton

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