Helping Kiwis Make Better KiwiSaver Investments

Helping Kiwis Make Better KiwiSaver Investments

At Corcoran Smith, we’re committed to using our expert knowledge to support our clients’ decisions on KiwiSaver suppliers. For us, honesty is integral to how we function, and we work with our clients to find the best solutions for them on a case-by-case basis.

Expert Advice for Making the Most of Your KiwiSaver

Are you utilising a KiwiSaver scheme to make the most of your savings? With many funds to choose from, it can be challenging to determine which one is best suited for you.

As qualified KiwiSaver advisers, we have the financial expertise to help our clients choose the best KiwiSaver fund to reach their specific goals as well as how employer contributions and government contributions can add extra value to your fund.

A Quick & Easy Guide to Developing Your KiwiSaver Strategy

We have formulated a simple process to help guide your KiwiSaver strategy, which will help to uncover several key factors in choosing the right KiwiSaver fund for you.

Our team determine if a fund will perform well for you and aligns with your values, ensuring growth after drawing down for your first home. We’ll guide you through the process of what to do when you’re ready to withdraw from your KiwiSaver to purchase your first home.

A Quick & Easy Guide to Developing Your KiwiSaver Strategy
KiwiSaver for Employers

KiwiSaver for Employers

If you’re interested in helping your employees with their KiwiSaver, we can ensure that they benefit from your contributions. We can provide bespoke packages for employers interested in helping their employees reach their KiwiSaver goals.

Customer testimonials

See for yourself why our customers love what we do.

"I would like to thank and recommend Torrone for his miraculous work in supporting me throughout the time it took to finally accomplish my goal. Rating 5 would still be only scratching the service and rapport building he has engaged in on my behalf. Many thanks and blessings to you Torrone for this."

M Horo-Kiriwera

"I have worked with both Torrone (Mortgage) and Sam (Insurance) on multiple occasions and have been very impressed with their services. They are efficient, good communicators and are very personable to work with. I couldn't recommend them highly enough. I look forward to watching their business prosper into the future. Regards, Hadley van Schaik."

H van Schaik

"I would highly recommend Torrone, goes the extra mile to advise you of options available that no other broker has done for us before. Kept in touch to make sure all third parties had made contact etc. Great Service!!! Thanks Torrone"

J Black

"A great team to deal with. They have everything covered. Helpful, honest, fantastic communication and they get things done. Highly recommend talking to Torrone or Sam, experts in their fields."

K Findley

"I highly recommend Sam. He’s super honest, answered all our questions really quickly and got us exactly what we needed! Thanks, Sam."

R Wolfin-Brash

"Torrone made getting a mortgage easy and Sam did great on our insurance. I would recommend Corcoran Smith to everyone, we are very grateful to both Torrone and Sam."

J & D Hamlin

"Good knowledgeable man, easy to talk with and not one of those forceful insurance agents, really helped us, so thanks Sam."

G Cleland

"Would highly recommend Torrone! From the very first meeting his communication skills were above and beyond and his vast knowledge of finance shows!"

P Goodwin

"Torrone was amazing to deal with - great communication and knowledge. The whole experience was easy and stress-free. I highly recommend Corcoran Smith."

A Horne

"I would definitely recommend Torrone and Sam for Financial and Insurance brokering, both of them went above and beyond with their help and service."

H Norton

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